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Shipping & Returns

International Customers

Yes, we do ship internationally. That includes reservation program. Please read this document carefully before ordering.

Rates and Delivery Times

Most orders ship the following business day (Monday through Friday, excluding US and Japanese public holidays). All orders are shipped via USPS delivery with insurance. Delivery dispatched from our US warehouse may take up to 7 to 10 business days depends on delivery methods chosen. All products sourced from Japan warehouse, and all reservations and special orders typically will require 2-3 weeks on top of local delivery time. Delivery may take longer for orders being shipped to locations outside of USA, Alaska or Hawaii. Depend on when your order is placed, batch delivery can take up to 3 to 4 weeks. Please note, USPS priority and express mail rates start at a minimum weight of 1lb. This is set by USPS, and is beyond the control of Harajuku Hearts.

Package tracking

All of our merchandise are sent out with automatic tracking information. They are sent out automatically at the end of the day after your order status becomes "In Transit", but this may take up to 24hrs for the tracking email to be dispatched to you. Do take notes that the USPS, and foreign postal couriers does not always update their website in a real time manner. Therefore, tracking information is not guaranteed to be complete , accurate or updated at all. Some tracking numbers issued to you might be recycled from a previous postal service by another entity, and may require some time for your tracking information to be updated to your recycled tracking number. We have no control over any of these information, nor the operations of the postal carriers. Please be patience, and allow time for the postal services to resolve this on their own.

Order Combining

There is a $10 handling fee to combine each additional order with a pre-exiting order, and a new postage rate will be recalculated based upon the total weigh from each items defined in our system. Do note that Will-Call orders cannot elect to be combined with shipping orders. Requesting so wil cancel your order, and a restocking fee will be charged.

An example of a combine fee of 2 existing orders would be $20 of Combine Fee, 3 orders would be $30, 4 orders would be $40, and so forth. Since combining any order requires at least two existing orders, the minimal fee for any request would be $20.

Address Changes, Mismatched Delivery Names.

Under Visa, and Master cards regulations, we cannot deliver to an address and name other than the card holder's address, and name that is on file with the card issuing institute.

If you are a customer who had placed an order for a family member, or a significant other, and your delivery address is different than that is on your bank's record, you must also follow the following direction, plus include a signed affidavit that want us to deliver your order to another name and/or address, and you will refrain from filing any charge backs against Saxony Company for any reasons.

There are times when circumstances require the change of the delivery address of your order. If you need to alter the delivery address, you will be required to provide credentials for your protections, and to curb cyber crime.
There there is a $5 processing fee for service on each other, and you will need to email or fax us the unaltered copy following credentials:

* Credit card used with the order, front and back.
* A valid Government issued pictured ID such as Driver's License, State ID, Passport, or Military ID.
Sorry, school ID will not be accepted.
* A utility bill, or bank statement, or pay stub,or lease /rental agreement, with the address to be delivered to.
Pay stub works the best for those who wish to deliver their order to a work address, as it contains both your work, and billing resident address.
Sorry, we cannot accept a wireless / cellular service statement as proof of residency.

If you are emailing us the above requirements, they must be saved as a PDF in an encrypted Zip, Rar, or 7Z archive format. Please call our retail store, and be sure to let us know your Full name, Order Number, and the password to the encrypted archive file.


Pick up services are only available at our San Francisco retail location.

If you've placed an order and have selected our Will-call option, please wait until your order status change into "Ready for Will-call" before coming to pick up your order. You WILL NOT be able to pick up the item unless you have been notified by us via the order status, we will not make exception for any reasons. Please do not ask us to process your order ahead of others at the store, as this will likely result a cancellation of your order, and which will incur a cancelation processing fee.
Will-Call orders cannot be combined with any other shipping orders. Requesting so will cancel your order, and a restocking fee will be charged. Authorization for others to pick up your orders will incur a $5 fee per order, and the person authorized to be picked up must have a current government issued ID with matching last name and proof of house hold address.
Our storage space is very limited, and to ensure there are adequate space, all Will-Call order can be stored in our facility for up up to 30 days from the start of when your order status changes to "Ready for Will-Call" to pick up your order.
After 30 days, there is a $1 per day storage fee, and order held in Will-Call after 90 days will be considered abandoned properties in accordance to California laws.

Buying an exclusive print accessories without a qualifying item.

Certain items such as exclusive prints have dependency requirements. You MUST abide by this rule. Do not try to "slip past" by purchasing these items without the qualifying item(s). We have a strict zero tolerance policy against this, as we want to prioritize for customers who are buying a complete set. Those who violate this policy will have their order canceled. Please read the cancellation policy section below for enforcement penalties.

Cost of shipping small items

We have consistently gotten e-mail concerning the base price of shipping small items, such as a single pair of socks.
We at Harajuku Hearts can only bring you the best price by volume purchases, small single item purchases do not cover our cost of operation at all. A base price was set to save you money, and keep us in business. So please, add a few more pairs of socks and/or katrushas, perhaps even a purse. You will notice the price of shipping will remain about the same, thus significantly increasing your purchasing power. The truth is, the more you buy, the more efficient your shipping dollar will be.

Base shipping costs, handling fee, and shipping methods

USPS Priority mail, Express Mail Service (EMS), Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) are the only methods we offer. Insurance with tracking is mandatory for your protection. Handling fees are calculated from a base weight of 1lb. In short, the more you order, the more efficient the cost of your shipping would be.

Currency and Billing

US Dollars and Japanese Yen are the two currencies we accept. Please make your payment is only in US Dollars or Japan Yen. Exchange rates are set by the credit card company, therefore they will not be the same as what you would see from websites which displays market bank to bank exchange rates.

Your credit card will be charged at the end of the check out process. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your financial institute to synchronize with your purchase. This is especially true when an adjustment to your order is required.

Paypal Payment

Sorry, we do not accept Paypal as a form of payment, and we have no plans on implementing it as a payment option. However, if you do not have a credit card or a bank issued debit card, it is possible for you to purchase from our site by using a Paypal Debit Card. Please note, that Paypal is not a normal financial institute, please allow extra time for for Paypal to synchronize your balance.

Returns and Exchanges

All items are sold on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Harajuku Hearts makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this website or the information, content, materials, or products included on this website. You expressly agree that your use of this website is at your sole risk.

Duties and Tariffs

Duties and tariffs are imposed by the destination country. Saxony Company will not be responsible for any incurred duty and tariff fees. Due to tax, legal, and liability reasons, we cannot falsify customs information for any orders. Please do not ask us to falsify the value of your purchase, or declare your purchase as a gift.

All sales are final. No cancellations, returns, or exchanges will be permitted.

Cancellation will incur a suspension of your account, plus a 50% non-refundable administrative fee. Filing a dispute to achieve the result of a cancellation will incur permanent suspension to all future transactions, including special events and convention events with Saxony Company and its affiliates .

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