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Dress Tag D.I.Y!

Those adorable garment tags, you know you want them, so shinny and cute you want to keep them, love them, you secretly go home, pile them up and roll in them at night.... oh... is that just me?

Well if you're tired of seeing them roll around with all of your other cute packaging around the house, but don't want to throw them out, here is an excellently functional way to display them!

  What you will Need:

  •  Tags, Tags all THE TAGS!! ( you can use post  cards, and makeup boxes too)
  •  Thin ply or balsa wood. I used 1/8 of an inch thick  and the home depot guy cut it to size.
  •  Scissors or an Exacto knife with cutting board.
  •  Hot glue, you can also use tape if you want to  salvage them later.
  • A marker
  • Tape measure
  • A metal ruler, to help you cut straight
  • Plexi Glass if you want to protect it. (again hit up that Home Depot cutie for the cutting of this)
  • Time

First things first, measure the areas you will be covering and get yourself over to a hardware store. Take your tape measure and marker with you. The quality of the wood is not super important so budget wisely, every penny saved is a penny towards a new dress. Depending on your surface you may be able to just use card-stock. I'm covering grid wall so I needed the structure. Go find a decent piece of what ever it is you need and start measuring. Draw the pieces you need onto it. Making sure to leave at least 1/5 inch between pieces.

The machines at the hardware store don't do precision cutting so they can get a bit funky if you don't draw it out for them first. Once you've drawn it all out, take it over to the cutter and have someone cut it out for you. Now don't panic. It's perfectly okay if they cut it a little smaller, we can cover this up later. Now go over and do the same for your plexi glass. You should now have corresponding glass and wood pieces.

Okay now head on home, brew some tea, turn on netflix and pull out that shoe box of tags. Start separating them out by size and color, you want to have a good variety on each piece of wood, and the easiest way to do this, is to know what you're working with.


If you are using some cosmetics boxes like I did then you want to cut those suckers flat right about now.

Now that that's done let's start positioning your tags around until you see a pattern you like, don't try to too hard to make it even, it looks best when you just let go and have fun with it.

So now remember when I said even if the wood is too small it's okay? That's because you can easily push the tags over the edge to give it the appearance of a larger canvas! CHA CHA!! You're a magical girl! Crisis averted.

Once you have it all set up, take your Exacto and cut the excess pieces of so they fit together like puzzles. You will notice below in the upper left corner, I cut the H-Naoto frill tag so it is no longer round. But on the right, I cut the Angelic Pretty tag to better display the Black Piece now tag. Why must we cut some? Honestly it depends on what is going to rest on top. I plan on using these for cosmetics so I need the surface to be flush and smooth. A lump or bump could cause products or cups to tip over and that would be sad. After you cut it all, glue it down.

Once it's all glued down let the hot glue rest for at least 1 hour. While you wait you can start unwrapping your plexi-glass. Peel the plastic back and dust it so as to remove any excess powder left over from the cutting.

Now place your art on your surface, and cover it with the glass and enjoy!

You will find that you probably love your last one more than the first so I recommend not using your favorite tags right off the bat and start with the smaller surface. I started with the top and that was my messiest one.

You can also use post cards, and because they are larger the pressure of the glass keeps them in place without needing glue. 

Well I hope you enjoyed today's post! Until next time, Stay adorable little hearts!

Have you done a project like this before? What do you do with your old tags? Let us know in the comments down below!

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