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Pre-orders from Melody BasKet

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We're now taking Pre-orders from Melody BasKet!
We have four different dresses for you to choose from!

Dress 1: Plane Scallop Dress
The use of scallop around the chest is its charm point
The fabric is stretchable making it easy to wear and move around.
Available in Sizes: 105, 120, 135

Dress 2: Regimental Stripe Scallop Dress
A academy like style dress with a comfortable material dress!
Available in Size: M only.


Dress 3: Ribbon Ribbon Dress
A special dress decorated with lots of ribbon.
A teared frill gives a nice wide flare on the hem of the skirt, with cotton lace attached around.
We selected light but firm fabric making it easy to move around.
The color gives classical yet nostalgic feeling.
Has a pocket on the right side. Shoulder strap can be adjusted

Comes in two colors: Grey or Navy
Available in Sizes: 105, 120, 135, and M


Dress 4: Alice Apron Dress
Ever wanted to wear Alice's clothes from Alice in wonderland? Now its your chance to! A perfect outfit that mimics the story book character. It comes with a cute apron with pockets!

Available in Sizes: 105, 120, 135, and M


Deadline for pre-order products:August 23,2019-September 1,2019. The expected shipping date is scheduled around the middle of November.

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