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Q-pot. with their realistic yummy accessories.

Q-pot. is well known for their realistic accessories, such as the macaroon ring to their Petit Cream Cake necklaces to their Strawberry Chocolate bar phone cases and their real leather Chocolate bar bags. 

Each of them are handmade by talented Q-pot. Staffs making sure each and every piece is too yummy to resist. They make them so realistic that it's always tempting to take a bite. By the look, texture and the smallest details that they put in will surely win your heart and grab attention from your friends and stranger!

Although we highly suggest not to eat them just to satisfy your sweet tooth, Q-pot. actually have their own cafe in Japan! They offer sweets exactly like the necklace or rings you may own.

How it looks outside the Q-pot. Cafe!

Here are some samples of their theme rooms!

Go check them out when you're visiting Japan :)
We have many selections for you to choose from our webstore! We often do Q-pot. displays at our shop so If you see something you like on their website, you're always welcome to send us a email at info@harajukuhearts.com and we will do our best to order them for you!

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