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Michal Negrin × Enchantlic Enchantilly Collection!

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Michal Negrin × Enchantlic Enchantilly Collection!

Hello everyone!This week's spotlight items are from the Michal Negrin x Enchantlic Enchantilly Collaboration! Michal Negrin is known to make amazing handmade vintage-inspired jewelries for over 20 years! they're admired by millions because of their unique styles that you won't see anywhere else! Their luxurious designs attract many women all over the world! Enchantlic Enchantilly paired their trademark gothic Lolita with Michal Negrin's vintage style to create the Queen Bunny Collection!Queen Bunny NecklaceYou can adjust the length to your desire!Queen Bunny Bracelet Hair Rubber Clip You can also remove the charm off the hair tie and place it anywhere else! They feature Chantilly's Queen Bunny...

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