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Q-pot. Candy Shirt - Black


Q-pot. Candy Shirt - Black

$ 220.00

Candy, Candy, Candy…
Sweet temptation
Beware of the sweet trap.

Candy with pop color shines bright like jewelry.
A shiny candy can be the spice of your outfits.
The unique design as if the candy is popping out from the wrapping paper.
It is fine to get greedy and put on multiple colors!

Candy fabric: 100% polyester
Size: Length: 75.0cm
Shoulder width: 49.0cm
Width of the body: 58.0cm
Sleeve width: 22.0cm
Sleeve length: 26.0cm
Collar around: 39.0cm

Total length: 95.0cm Width of the body: 47.0cm Sleeve length: 58.0cm Sleeve width: 19.0cm Waist: 80.0cm Collar width: 7.0cm Collar around: 52.0cm Attached ribbon: W 7.0 x D 230.0cm

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