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Chocolate Waffle Bag Charm - Brown


Chocolate Waffle Bag Charm - Brown

$ 105.00

Plain chocolate strawberry
With mellow scented butter
A waffle that is crispy and fluffy.
Harmony with mellow cream.

Item description

In a soft waffle dough baked into a heart shape,
Sand the mellow cream.
With a crispy texture and a mellow buttery aroma
"Buttermilk waffle" that makes everyone crazy

The chocolate flavored waffle necklace
Topped with a black ribbon to finish.
Change the look to a cute and classic impression,
A mysterious charm that fits into any style.
Adorable design and special texture are attractive
Enjoy the accessories of <Q-pot. Parlor> to your heart's content.


PVC, brass, metal, ribbon


Motif: H4.0 × W4.6 × D2.0cm

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