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Love Heart Strawberry Macaron Bag Charm


Love Heart Strawberry Macaron Bag Charm

$ 65.00

Plenty of whipped cream is sandwiched in a heart-shaped macaroon cock that has been baked.
Heart-shaped Swarovski is also topped with whipped cream.
A sweet and cute macaron full of hearts and love.

Macaron, a sweets representative of France.
If you wear a beautiful multicolored macaroon that shines like a bijoux
I feel like Parisienne.
Sand plenty of whipped cream on macarons cock of sacrificial dough.
Macaroons that seem to taste as good as the real thing, and the body and soul.
Item details

Material: PVC, brass, SW, high metal
Size: Motif: H3.0 × W3.5 × D2.5cm

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