Special Orders and Reservations

Exclusive prints accessories restrictions

Our customers expressed that it had became increasingly difficult to acquire exclusive print accessories as a complete set. This restriction was created to allow our primary customers to have the first, and the fullest selection possible to the complete line. This policy is strictly enforced. Please read our shippings and returns page for details of our policy enforcement regarding this.

Restrictions of accessories-only purchases will typically be lifted as the next exclusive print release becomes available.

Special Orders

If you would like an item that is listed in the primary label’s Japan website but is not listed in our store, we can place a special order if the item if it is still available. The rules for special orders are the following:

* $150 Minimum merchandise purchase are required for all Special orders.
* Special order services does not only apply sales, and exclusive regional store items.
* 50% non-refundable deposit required (charged after stock is confirmed and reserved)
* No cancellation, so make sure you're absolutely sure before you commit.
* Patience, due to the nature of special orders.

Once you're ready, create an account, and email us with the following information:
1) Your name
2) Name of the item
3) Your day time contact phone number. Please note, we will need this information to validate your request. Our official supportable languages are English and Japanese.
4) Color selection and size if applicable
5) Quantity
7) Product number
8) URL of your the item.
Repeat step 4 - 6 for additional items.
We will then create a special item for you to check out with as a deposit.
Failure of completing the checkout within 48hrs of notification constitute a forfeit / cancellation of the order. Penalty enforcements will be enforced as described in the section below.

Remember, exclusive prints are not eligible, current collections only.


* We often get a email inquiring if we will stock an upcoming print, or one that have recenly been released in Japan. The answer is yes, we do and we will carry every single current and upcoming exclusive print collections. Please follow our press release in our news section or our blogs for details of each release.

* Requests are only accepted between designated times only. Requests made outside of specified time will not be accepted or acknowledged. Sorry, we do not accept hold requests.

* Reservations and special orders are made as a courtesy service, it does not guarantee acquisition of products.

* Forfeiting or canceling an established order will result a suspension of all transaction privileges, included services, and all events provided by subsidiary companies of Harajuku Hearts and Saxony Company.

* Deposits are required for all special orders, and deposits are non-refundable except in the event when we are unable to acquire the items ordered via the special order or the reservation system.

* Special orders and reservations must be paid by the same person, and are not transferable.

eg: We cannot change the ship to name and address once your order has been placed.

* Staff and family members of Saxony Company and subsidiaries are not eligible for reservation services.