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Victorian Maiden

Rococo Bouquet Ruffle Apron Dress

Rococo Bouquet Ruffle Apron Dress


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Here are the product's size and material details:

    • Concealed zipper on the left side for convenience.
    • Dress available in the following sizes:
      • Length: 113cm
      • Shoulder Width: 34cm
      • Waist: 72-97cm
      • Bust: 88cm
    • Back features lace-up and shirring for adjustability.
    • Front-opening design allows flexibility for various bust sizes.
    • Minimum waist size is determined without stretching the elastic.
    • Dress is crafted from 100% cotton for the outer material.
    • Lining is made of 100% polyester.


    The "Rococo Bouquet" is an original textile known for its association with the Victorian maiden aesthetic. It is crafted in gentle and charming colors that truly shine in the early summer sunlight. This product combines the classic Rococo blue with soft shades of pink and yellow, offering it in three elegant color options that exude a sense of cuteness and freshness. These eye-pleasing colors are available in three styles, each featuring a vibrant color scheme. Wearing the Rococo Bouquet series will envelop you in a feeling of sweetness that will make your heart flutter, perfect for a delightful spring outing filled with warm cheer.


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